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Original Graphics Showcase

A Showcase of My Skills in Design Layout and Original Photography

An image produced for Hikari Travel Agency for use on social media outlets.

The sun beating down on a rocky landscape, with rivers twisting through gorges that rise up against a cloudless sky...

There are places in Tokushima with such unbelievable beauty that it made me wonder; had I been sucked into a Jeep commercial? Was there a camera crew behind me, waiting to snap the perfect shot for the next Patagonia ad?

I wanted to capture this sense of exhilaration and use it convince prospective clients that, yes, it's possible for them to experience it too! Anyone can visit places that they never even imagined could be real, but only if they have Hikari Travel Agency as their guide!

Image album produced for Hikari Travel Agency for use on social media outlets.

Cat cafes aren't all fun and games, you know.

Those of us with allergies risk losing out on a must-have experience, and plenty of animal lovers have valid concerns about the animals' welfare in such establishments. But I wanted to show that there's a diverse variety of animal cafe in Japan, not just the typical cat cafes that people think of!

Miscellaneous Graphics

Produced either as examples or for personal use

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